Children of Ben Dudlach


“You what!?!”

Gancanagh squeezed the plum in his fist till red juice dribbled between his fingers. The confusion and anger was transparent on his face, a fact which amused the woman he was speaking with. Woman, in this case, being a loose descriptor for a figure made entirely of smoke hovering above the small fire which filled the pit in the center of the glade.

“I sent them to the Red Isle to pay an old debt.”

“But I told you, Leannan-Sidhe,” Gancanagh struggled to regain his composure, “we’re leaving him out of this.”

Leannan shrugged.

“Badb take you, but you are stubborn! Don’t you understand, he can’t be bargained with…”

The smoky figure cut him off, “Oh, I think there are things even Redtooth wants.”

He threw the squished plum into the fire sending sparks into the air, the smoke dispersed momentarily, before coalescing again into the figure of the woman – shapely even as an apparition. “Maybe, but I refuse to find out what, and now you’ve jeopardized everything. He eats his children. Eats them!”

The woman’s eyebrow shot up. “So one of these precious budding warriors is Redtooth’s blood. You might have said so.”

Gancanagh licked the plum juice from his hands and shook his head, “And give away everything? I know you better. You were only in this in the first place because you were curious. Not that it matters now. You’ve probably sunk the whole plan.”

Silence passed between them for a few moments.

“Or maybe not,” said a fiery colored fox with embers for eyes.

Gancanagh and Leannan both jumped as the newcomer slid out of the bushes and into the glade, “Svellson!” they hissed.

The fox grinned at them, “Come now, aren’t you even a teensy bit interested in what I have to say?”



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