Gift of the Spirits: (Purple +1ST +10CP in Skills) Ever a healthy and inquisitive child Ceilidh could tame a wild animal, mimic their voices, and catch fish from a very young age.

Gift of the Elders: (Rowan) Ceilidh apprenticed for a year under Dorreen the huntress who taught her Falconry, the mysteries of the forest, and to play the lap harp.


Ceilidh is a happy but somewhat stubborn girl with a powerful affinity for animals. She is clever and quick-thinking and is known to freely give her opinion whether or not its welcome! Though the others have teased about it since they were toddlers, Ceilidh has always been fearless an empathetic toward the animals around her, and seems to always have a lamb or a few chicks following her around.

When it comes to her place as a child of the mountain, she feels truly blessed to be “chosen”. She is absolutely sure that her loving parents were reluctantly convinced to hand her over, even though they could surely see the honor and importance of her supernatural calling. Ceilidh willfully insists that she can remember her parents clearly though she hasn’t known them as such since infancy. Her mother was a small, willowy woman with long dark hair and her father a strong, hard-working man with a thick beard. (Never mind that 75% of the people in the village fit this description). She also speaks often of things her parents would say. Most of the others simply think this is wishful fantasy and she is only ascribing things she herself thinks.

One thing she doesn’t share with the others is a recurring dream, or perhaps more of a nightmare. In it, she is running toward her beloved wee village, which looks to be engulfed in flames. She tries desperately to enter the town and save its people, but her efforts are blocked by a huge black stag. She pleads for him to stand aside, but it refuses to move and she is trapped, helplessly watching her town burn. She awakes terrified and panting, and fears that telling the others would make her seem craven and inferior.

Ceilidh’s time with Dorreen in the forest was the best of her young life. Despite being naturally clumsy, Doreen taught her to move quietly in the woods, tracking and hunting and fishing. She learned the value of observation, and how to survive in harsh conditions with a minimum of kit.

More mysteriously, she also discovered that her, well, familiarity with animals may be a bit stronger than is normal. Though Ceilidh has often pretended to talk to the animals she cares for or sees, she assumed their queer responses were due to a natural gift in mimicry. However, Dorreen seems to go as far as to think she can actually understand what the animals are saying, and maybe even talk back to them! Ceilidh laughs this off as another of Dorreen’s many quirks, but sometimes…

Ceilidh’s favorite weapon is the bow. Hacking and slashing like Nessa seems crass and uncivilized (and anyway, Ceilidh’s barely strong enough to swing one). But give her a bow and a quiver full of arrows, and she’ll fell a deer and a couple of grouse before dinner!


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