Character Creation

Making a character for this campaign will be an in-depth story-driven process.

The first step will be to create a 7 year old child – one of those who was chosen in a 7th Year, to be removed from their parents and raised as Clanless by the entire village – a future Child of Ben Dudlach. To begin, answer these questions about your character:

What marked you as special even in infancy? 36 children were born to Clan Brus that year and only 7 were chosen, why were you one of them?

What kind of child are you now: An angry bully, a hyperactive ball of energy, a precocious smarty pants, a dependable helper, or a timid observer? Why?

Which of these traits best describes the kind of adult you want to become: Enduring as an Oak, Flexible as a Willow, Subtle as an Ash, Vibrant as Holly, or Mysterious as a Rowan?

Which of these virtues describes the kind of adult you want to become: Strong as a bear, Fast as a Deer, Wise as an Owl, Ferocious as a Boar, or Clever as a Rabbit? Why?

Now, of course, you need a name.

In your 7th year you are much smaller and weaker than you will eventually grow-up to become. Your training and development will occur over the span of four special play sessions at the start of the campaign. In each session you will have 25 Character Points to spend as you master the spear and axe, learn the mysteries of the wild, and pick up a useful trade. Eventually you will have created a 100point Character with no less than 25 points of disadvantages and no more than 50 points of disadvantages. (There will also be a couple surprises along the way).

One way to consider what type of character you will want to play is to imagine your character following one of several possible professional tracks: Bard, Charioteer, Craftsman, Druid, Hunter, Leader, Warrior.

To start with, set your Basic Attributes (ST, DX, IQ, HT) to 7 each. As you grow up this will automatically increase till it is the normal human average of 10. You may, of course, spend character points to raise these above the average for your current age, or spend disadvantage points to lower any of your Basic Attributes if your character is below average in any of these scores.

Now calculate your Secondary Characteristics based on your current Basic Attributes. Remember these will go up as well as you age. At 7 years old your Size Modifier is -1 (unless you choose the Gigantism or Dwarfism traits). You naturally have Cultural Familiarity with Gaeltanach Culture and you speak Gaidhlig fluently – though you don’t write it: there is no written form of Gaidhlig!

Lastly choose any Advantages or Disadvantages that are simply innate. You haven’t had any training yet so you won’t have any skills and you shouldn’t have any Advantages or Disadvantages that are earned through experience. Those will come soon enough. Supernatural Advantages and Disadvantages aren’t available.

Examples of innate Advantages include: Absolute Direction, *Acute Senses, *Ambidexterity, *Eidetic Memory, Flexibility, Good Gesa, High Manual Dexterity, High Pain Threshold, *Sidhe Blood, Versatile, Voice

Examples of innate Disadvantages include: Bad Gesa Bad Sight, Blindness, Cannot Speak, Chronic Depression, Colorblindness, Destiny, Extra Sleep, Fearfulness, Hard of Hearing, *Hunchback, Klutz, No Sense of Smell/Taste, One Arm, One Eye, One Hand, Phobias, Sleepwalker

  • items with an asterisk are really only appropriate to take at character creation and won’t be available later on. The rest can be attained later on even if you weren’t born with it.

Now you are ready for the first session, but you are only 7 years old! Each of the first four sessions will cover years as you grow into the hero you are destined to be.

Character Creation

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