Clan Brus

Clan Brus is one of the Clans of the Gaeltanach.

Symbol: A small spider hanging from a thread

Ancient Words: Rise Again

Clan Brus is spread along the Southern and Western faces of Ben Dudlach and along the shores of Torren Firth. A small clan of only a couple hundred families, they have never been a very aggressive or powerful group. By virtue of their remote location they have been preserved from the worst of the Clan Wars of the past centuries, but also seen very little trade with non Gaidhlig speaking peoples. As such they are parochial and traditionalist even for the Gaeltanach. They are among the last of the Clans to truly practice the Old Ways.

The ancestral seat of Clan Brus is in Dachaigh where Clan Chieftain Senach Brus holds his council fires.

Clan Brus

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