The primary allegiance in Cealtanach culture is to your clan. Your clan is your family, but also probably your village, and often the only society you know. Belonging to a clan means protection, it means food, and shelter and a good burial when you die.

Being Clanless is about the worst thing most of these people can imagine. It means that you will never own land. It means that you will never own livestock. It means you will probably never be married and only have bastard children if any at all. Worst of all you will probably not receive a good burial and therefore have little chance of a good afterlife.

Most Clanless are criminals, people who have been kicked out of their own clan for murder or a worse crime and now live only by stealing what they can. No family of any clan would take in such an unfortunate creature or they would bring a curse on their own family. Some Clanless band together in the wilderness as outlaws for survival, but for many being expelled from the clan is a death sentence.

Not all Clanless are of the dishonorable variety though. Certain classes of people – Druids & Children of Ben Dudlach, are also regarded as Clanless, though in their case it is a more neutral term. These Clanless are treated with great respect by the Cealtanach because they have made an enormous sacrifice in order to serve others. They do not belong to a single clan because no clan has a right to monopolize their services. In the case of the Druids they belong to the land itself, and the Children of Ben Dudlach belong to the Mother Spirit.


Children of Ben Dudlach AricClark