A hardy village of stone shacks with thatch roofs and dugouts in the highlands of Alainn Loire, Dachaigh is the ancestral seat of Clan Brus.

During the summer about 75 hardworking Gaels ply the fields, fish the Torren Firth, forge iron, tan leather, and weave wool in the village. Every fortnight there is a Market Day during which farmers, shepherds, and cattle wranglers from around Clan Brus territory come to trade their products with boats from the fort at the mouth of Torren Firth, Dun Uillich.

In Winter Dachaigh swells to twice its population as people come seeking safety in numbers from both the weather and… other things lurking in the wild.

As the seat of Clan Brus, there is a small wooden Clanhome in Dachaigh where Clan Chieftain, Senach Brus, holds council fires, feasts, and hammer throwing competitions. Senach Brus is the only Clan Chieftain in the region who has not sworn his sword to Queen Maeve of Connachta.

People of Dachaigh

Clan Chieftain Senach Brus
Corpulent Blacksmith Balfour
Eiru Satirist Finn O Connobher
Cathmor a Druid
Beagan Brus a boastful sailor
Cerridwen a midwife and herbalist
Doreen the huntress


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