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Welcome to the Wiki for our campaign Children of Ben Dudlach

This campaign will use the GURPS system by Steve Jackson Games. In addition to the Basic Set we will use some material from GURPS Magic, GURPS Fantasy, GURPS Celtic Myth, GURPS Vikings, and the wonderful supplement Historical Folks.

Set in the world of Uldain where the late iron age is giving way to medieval society, but not without resistance. At the fringes of the world, in the hard places where the terrain and climate and culture are bound in the ancient cycles of the seasons, mysteries dwell.

Our heroes are born and raised in the small village of Dachaigh in the northern reaches of the beautiful land Alainn Loire, along the Torren Firth. The people of Dachaigh are Clan Brus of the Gaeltanach a small, humble Clan living in some of the most remote territories and clinging stubbornly to the Old Ways, that most Clans have abandoned in the past several generations.

The heroes are special, though. Chosen by secret signs from among the rest of the infants born in a 7th Year they were removed from their families and grew up as orphans. They are Clanless, trained as protectors and foresters from youth, willing to fight and die to protect others against the mysterious forces of night that some say still lurk just out of sight. In their 15th year on the Winter Solstice they must undergo a rite of passage by climbing Ben Dudlach to its icy summit. When they come down they are known as Children of Ben Dudlach.

This campaign will have a dark, mostly-historical tone. Though the culture the characters live in most assuredly believes in monsters, magic and Spirits, there is little evidence of it in their lives. The characters will have to rely on their strength, skill, and wits to survive in a harsh climate, where illness, starvation, the weather, and infections are as dangerous as any wild boar, or engraged mother bear, and injury is frequently catastrophic with iron age medicine. The major historical cultural influences on the setting are Celtic, Viking and Norman.

Use this wiki as a place to explore the setting, to think about Character Creation and to add detail of your own. Many of the pages are blank or contain very little info for now, but we will expand on them as the campaign progresses. Have fun!

Main Page

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